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Harnessing Organic Traffic from Google

Harnessing Organic Traffic from Google

Being able to tap into Google’s massive organic traffic can really turn your business into a big success. Relatively, search engine traffic has better conversion rates than that of the paid search. This means that users searching for a service or product on Google or Bing are more likely to turn into a sale than, than those clicking the ads to look if they like the service.

It seems that almost everyone is turning into SEO or search engine optimization to grab a piece of that “free” traffic for their business.

Why Invest in SEO?

SEO has a lot of benefits to it. Once you have your site placed on the top of Google or Bing, you can start to enjoy “free” traffic for the keyword or search term that you are ranking for as long as you can maintain the position.

Although free traffic is not really “free”, it has a lot of upsides than paid traffic and will make want to consider pouring in some of your marketing budget into SEO.

Here are the reasons why you should do (or at least hire) SEO.

  1. Tap into New Markets and Customers. With SEO, your site or pages of your site can rank for multiple keywords. One page can serve a main target keyword and the other relevant keywords to it. For example, a Dental clinic in LA, can rank for terms like “LA dentist” and “LA dental clinic” at the same time. You can also do this for the neighboring areas that you can serve. Multiply the returns out of little extra marketing efforts for your site.
  2. Get More Bang Out of Your Buck. As mentioned earlier, SEO traffic has better conversion rates than it paid traffic counterpart. This is because users tend to trust organic results better than the ads. Let’s just admit, no one wants ads. Combining these two can really make you some nice returns for your marketing budget.
  3. Build Your Brand. Being able to maintain your position in the top spots can often be viewed as a great credibility booster. Consumers has a mindset that Google is serving  them the sites that Google believes to be the “top” for the search query they entered.
  4. Get Edge Over the Big Boys. With SEO, the playing field for your industry becomes somehow leveled, although this not apply to all verticals or niche, but this can be true for local businesses. You can compete against franchise stores even if your business is 2-3x smaller than them.

SEO is great, but there are cons that come with pros. Like, the traffic is not instantaneous with SEO. It takes time to rank especially in the competitive niche or industries, think insurance or lawyers. But that should not prevent you from pursuing SEO for your business site.

If you are interested you can try contacting Search Landers, a premiere digital marketing agency that plays differently unlike the others. Their SEO campaigns are so effective that you can see the results in shorter period of time compared against other marketing agencies.

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